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  • 2017

    01 Electric safety certification-fryer

    03 Commendation from the Gyeonggi Regional Small and Medium Business Administration for the 44th Day of
    Commerce and Industry as a merit of regional economy (CEO Young-Joo Kim)

  • 2016

    08 Office building and factory relocation (Geumgok General Industrial Complex)

    09 Technology innovation type small business certification
    Management innovation type small business certification

    10 Electrical Safety Certification - Electric warmers

    11 Registered as a Nonghyup system contract company

    12 Electric Safety Certification-Dryer

  • 2015

    01 Sungwon Industry merged with Sungwon Industry Co., Ltd.

    02 Pizza oven development and launch

    05 Sales office opened in Seoul (Guui-dong)

    06 Acquired factory site in Geumgok Industrial Complex in Namyangju

  • 2013

    03 Awarded the Governor of Gyeonggi-do by the local economy contributor on the 40th Commerce and Industry Day (CEO Young-Joo Kim)

    05 Registered as a partner company of E-land, Shinsegae Food, CJ Foodville

  • 2012

    02 IBK Industrial Bank of specified corporate FAMILY

    05 Registered as a partner company of E-land, Shinsegae Food, CJ Foodville

  • 2011

    04 TF team established for medical equipment
    Medical equipment supplies overseas export

    09 Establishment of a corporation in Sungwon Industry Co., Ltd.

  • 2010

    08 Gas appliance manufacturing license registration

    11 Acquired ISO 9001 certification

  • 2009

    08 Registered as a member of Gyeonggi Eastern Chamber of Commerce

    11 Registered as a shelf design for carriers (No. 30-0370948)
    Registered utility model for assembly structure for carriers (No. 20-0341615)

  • 2008

    02 Registered as eligible for competitive bidding by the Public Procurement Service

  • 2007

    06 Construction of Sungwon Industrial Factory (Hwado-eup)

  • 2005

    03 Established Sungwon Industry